Copy Writing

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: communication skills

Delegates learn how to:
• Highlight products or services in terms that engage the interests and attitudes of their audience
• Analyse and target audiences to communicate with them effectively
• Inform, persuade and convince readers
• Judge when to break strict rules of grammar or punctuation in order to communicate effectively
• Convey messages effectively in the minimum number of words


How Copy Writing Works
Identifying your audience. Locking on to their attitudes,
opinions and beliefs. Conveying messages accurately but
persuasively. Choosing words to get the response you want.
The pivotal value of brevity.

Getting the Message Across
Composing headlines that work. Structuring copy to make it
both attractive within a print design and easily readable.
Writing for the busy reader. Focusing messages on benefits to
the reader, not features of your products or services.
Selling the sizzle rather than the steak. “Selling” a message,
like: “Don’t drink and drive,” or: “Book early for the
shareholder meeting,” as if you are selling a product.

Making the Message Work
Choosing the format for your message. Are you trying to:
persuade; sell; provide information; entertain; all of these?
How to write copy which best communicates the emotion
that readers should experience.

Keywords: communication skills