Breaking Bad News

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: communication skills

Breaking bad news at the corporate level 
Dealing with organisational change and crisis. 
Developing  corporate empathy. 
Understanding reactions to bad news 
How it feels to receive bad news. 
How people react. 
Some  strategies for managing those reactions. 
Developing internal and external communications strategies 
Linking communications programmes to deliver consistent  messages. 
Developing common messages. 
Choosing the  most effective communications channels. 
Supporting leaders and managers in breaking bad news 
Making the case for good communications. 
Helping leaders  to demonstrate empathy and integrity. 
What skills do you need to break bad news effectively? 
The importance of emotional intelligence and listening skills.  
Dealing with your own emotions. 
Managing the aftermath. 
Breaking bad news at the individual level 
How to prepare effectively. 
Answering difficult questions.  
Role play in breaking bad news. 

Delegates learn how to: 
• Understand the psychology of loss and  change and how people react to bad  news 
• Support line managers in breaking bad  news 
• Develop internal communications that  link to and support effective external  communication 
• Convince and coach line managers to be  good communicators in tough times 
• Prepare themselves to deliver bad news  effectively 
• Deal with the aftermath of breaking bad  news 

Delegates gain a clear understanding of the key elements of planning & managing communications about controversial and difficult situations.  These could include organisational errors, redundancies and downsizing, as well as underachievement on sales and other targets.

Keywords: communication skills