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By: Green IS Projects LTD   05/03/2015
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Green ISsues Demand outstripping supply! More and more customers are buying into the security of forestry investment Green IS is actively seeking out and buying new teak plantations in Brazil as our ‘Jaguar’ and ‘Toco Toucan’ plantations are now sold out. The next plantations in our growing portfolio for standing teak are ‘Puma’, which has 3,000 trees, and ‘Marmoset’, which has 35,000 trees. Our team are covering thousands of miles each week looking at plantations in Rondônia that offer the right potential for our business and our investors. In particular, they are looking for plantations that have been well maintained and have trees that are approaching 15 years in age. In addition, the plantation must offer the potential for replanting with teak saplings so that we have a sustainable and rotational crop for the future. Spring Clean Protecting your investment We have been working very hard on the maintenance of all our plantations to maximise investor returns. Our team oversee the regular pruning of the lower branches of the trees and clearing fallen leaves from the ground below. This helps to refresh the nutrients in the soil and increases the potential growth of the trees. In some cases the plantation managers prefer to use the controlled burn method to clear the ground, this also puts many nutrients directly back into the soil and in some cases there is no need to add any fertilisers when using this method. By choosing Green IS as your investment partner you have chosen an ethical and environmentally friendly business and you are now a part of the wider Green IS team; a team that genuinely believes in ethical business, conserving our planet and supporting the communities with whom we work. This is something our clients believe in too: “I am happy to invest in sustainable forestry with a socially responsible company such as Green IS Holding Company PLC, safe in the knowledge that I am aiding rainforest reforestation and helping to mitigate climate change. I am impressed by the way this is being carried out by Green IS.” Jack Chillery, Green IS Customer This is your newsletter to keep you up to date with your investments and the latest developments in sustainable forestry and renewable green energy, so if you have a question you would like answered, then please write to us via [email protected] and we’ll answer it in our next issue. An investment that’s a clear winner 40% of Green IS clients invest in our 3-year fixed income investment Our three-year, fixed income investment is a clear winner. It is our leading investment product with over 40% of our clients having signed up. Looking back over the last 18 months this investment has shown that Green IS clients prefer a stable, three-year, fixed income as opposed to longer-term investments in saplings and young trees. Want to know more? Why not call us and we’ll explain how it works: 020 7556 0910 or via email at [email protected]

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