Flashdent Disposable Toothbrush

Flashdent Disposable Toothbrush from Flashdent GB Ltd

By: Flashdent GB Ltd  24/07/2009
Keywords: outdoors, Dental Care, teeth

Flashdent is a disposable single use toothbrush with embodied toothpaste. The toothpaste is found in the head of the toothbrush and is released with a simple movement of adding pressure on it. The toothpaste is then released on the surface of the brush and renders it functional , so that it can be used Any Time Any Place!
toothbrush does not contain alcohol, triclosan or fluoride and it is not pharmaceutical product.
It is approved from the European Union.
It is specifically manufactured so it can be used without water.
Flashdent is safe for kids & adults and has 5 years exp. date.
The prodcut is accessible by the consumers from machines of automatic sale (Flash Vend) which are found in public and private areas such as: Cafes ,Restaurants ,Hotels ,Airports ,Casinos ,Educational Organisms / Schools / Universities , Catering Companies ,Drugstores, Hospitals , Cinemas , Outdoors & Camping Equipment even in the Army (Vending machines is not the only way)

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