By: Fiitizens  27/08/2015
Keywords: internet services, gym, fitness training

Fiitizens is a social fitness game, which uses your videoed workouts and our gamification to track, stimulate and showcase your self-progression. Have your videos rated by the community, and collect stars to level up. The aim of the game is to collect stars! Video yourself performing fitness workouts/ challenges and share them with your community; where each member will have the chance to offer you up to 5 stars for each workout you upload. The aim of the game is to generate stars to level up, rank as high as you can and gain new trophies throughout your fitness journey. With the right support network, no goal is too great to accomplish. Support other Fiitizens and be supported also. Discover new workouts and challenges for you to attempt through the archive of videos posted by other likeminded enthusiasts. Offer one another feedback and motivation as this is the community where “We All Fiit Together”.

Keywords: bodybuilding, Calisthenics, fitness training, game, gym, internet services, personal fitness training