By: Effective Vision Limited  19/11/2010
Keywords: digital video, CCTV Systems, Security Systems Services

Increasingly, home owners are looking to add digital CCTV as part of their home security.

Effective Vision's affordable home security system solution can handle up to 4 cameras to cover homes of all sizes.

Key benefits to our home security CCTV solution:

- less than the size of SKY+ box, is unobtrusive and can be connected to your network in 15 minutes
- easy-to-use interface, browser-based and accessible remotely from any Internet connection
- access to live feeds from up to 4 cameras
- password-controlled access, based on a highly-secure Linux operating system
- retrieves archive footage instantaneously and archives for weeks
- footage/images can be easily written to CD-ROM, DVD or blue-ray disks
- intelligent software can detect, record and notify events immediately by email/SMS/MMS
- supports 200+ camera brands and includes day/night, network and Wireless CCTV IP cameras
Why have home CCTV?

Home security is thought of in terms of protection, but CCTV for your home can have more practical everyday uses.

Here are a few that might register:

- A discreet camera over your front door allows you to check who it is before answering
- A subtle covert camera inside the house allows you to check on your nanny when you’re out or at work
- A camera overlooking the garden allows you to keep an eye on the kids while they play
- You might have the builders in, so check on how things are going while you’re out (or even whether they’re there when they say they are).
- A camera over the garage doors will guard your pride and joy and the childrens’s bikes 24/7.
- Going away on holiday and not looking forward to asking friends to look in from time to time? No need! Install home CCTV and check-in yourself remotely.

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