Great prices on Duracell batteries

By: Duracelldirect  21/07/2009
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Visit Duracell Direct to see our wide range of Duracell batteries, power adapters and battery charger, available with free shipping and 1-year guarantees.

Duracell’s range of batteries and accessories includes:

- AA batteries - alkaline and rechargeable.

- AAA batteries - alkaline and rechargeable.

- 9V batteries - alkaline and rechargeable.

- fast chargers.

- battery testers.

Needed for many kids’ toys, as well as digital cameras, remote controls and much more, alkaline AA batteries from Duracell Direct represent great value for money.  AAA batteries, smaller than AA size, are also often used in digital cameras and remote controls. Rectangular 9V batteries are commonly used in children’s toys.

If you prefer rechargeable batteries (alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable), Duracell Direct stock rechargeable versions of all the common alkaline batteries. In addition, we have fast chargers and battery testers available.

Duracell make a multi-charger which takes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V battery sizes, so you no longer need multiple chargers. Buy a 1 hour fast charger for Duracell batteries, charging both AA and AAA sizes.

Instantly find out how much charge is left in your AA and AAA Duracell batteries with an official battery tester from Duracell Direct. It works with both alkaline and rechargeable batteries, and instantly displays the remaining battery life on a 5 step LED gauge. No power is required, and it can also be used as a carry case for up to four batteries.

Order Duracell batteries online from Duracell Direct.

Keywords: batteries, battery, Charger, Duracell