Buy a replacement Sony VAIO battery

By: Duracelldirect  21/07/2009
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Whether your Sony VAIO battery is not powering your laptop for as long as it used to, or you just need a replacement battery to extend your Sony VAIO’s life while away from a power point, Duracell Direct stock a range of 3rd party batteries designed for the Sony VAIO family of laptops.

All unofficial Sony VAIO batteries are designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s official specifications, and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping.

Buy a replacement Sony VAIO battery to take with you and keep your laptop alive for longer. This is the ideal way to double your VAIO’s lifespan while you are on the move without access to a power point, for example on a train journey or a flight.

Alternatively, you may be finding that your Sony laptop is running for less and less time on a full charge. This is a standard problem with laptop batteries, but a replacement Sony VAIO battery will give a new lease of life to your laptop. No longer will you need to be tied to an AC point so often.

At Duracell Direct, we also stock Sony VAIO adapters, useful should you lose your one, or so you can keep one adapter at home and another at work, for example.

Visit Duracell Direct and explore our catalogue of useful Sony VAIO accessories.

Keywords: battery, Laptop, replacement