Buy a new Toshiba laptop battery

By: Duracelldirect  21/07/2009
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Get additional performance out of your Toshiba laptop with a new Toshiba laptop battery from Duracell Direct. We sell a wide range of Toshiba branded and 3rd party laptop batteries, all of which come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, free shipping, and the guarantee that unofficial products are designed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Perhaps you have noticed that your Toshiba laptop isn’t lasting as long between charges: now could be the time to buy a new Toshiba laptop battery. Official replacement batteries offer the same charge level you’re used to, but some 3rd party laptop batteries may offer a higher capacity for a longer time between charges.

Alternatively, if you are often away from a power point for a length of time, for example on a plane or train journey, a second laptop battery proves invaluable.

By carrying a spare battery with you, you are doubling the lifespan of the laptop - when your original battery runs low, just replace it with the fully charged battery and continue to use your Toshiba laptop as normal.

Toshiba laptop models covered include Equium, Libretto, Portege, Satellite, T-series, Tecra and Dynabook. Search Duracell Direct and you’ll find the right laptop battery for your model of Toshiba.

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