Buy a new Acer Aspire battery for your laptop

By: Duracelldirect  21/07/2009
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As laptops get older, their rechargeable batteries last less and less time, until you find yourself permanently plugged into the mains. What’s the point of a laptop if it’s not truly portable?

To ensure you can use your Acer Aspire laptop wherever you go, buy a replacement Acer Aspire battery from Duracell Direct. Acer Aspire batteries are easy to fit - just unscrew the old battery, clip the new battery to the back of your laptop and charge it up.

Even if your laptop battery is still working at full strength, today’s laptops use so much power that they don’t last long even from a full charge. To enable you to keep working on a long train journey or flight, buy a replacement Acer Aspire battery, charge it up and replace it with your original battery. Then when your current battery starts to runs down just swap over to your new battery and enjoy another couple of hours on your laptop.

There are many different models of Acer Aspire laptop: Duracell Direct stocks new laptop batteries for all models of Acer Aspire laptops.

All Duracell Direct batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s original specifications, and come with free shipping and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. We stock both original Acer laptop batteries as well as 100%-compatible batteries from other manufacturers.

Visit Duracell Direct and view our catalogue of Acer Aspire batteries.

Keywords: batteries, battery, Laptop