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By: Discovered Authors  24/02/2009
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In the UK alone, there are hundreds and thousands of potentially published authors of great books out there that deserve to be in print. The vast majority never get picked up by an agent, let alone the ‘bigwigs’ of the publishing industry, due to the commercial and thematic restrictions large mainstream houses tend to impose on their authors. With your help we want to change this for the better. Your small contribution towards our expenditure on editorial, design and marketing for your book allows Discovered Authors to take the risk out of publishing new authors and to give fresh talent like you the deserved chance.

We already support a diverse group of writers and organisations with an assortment of individual and collective goals, and we believe the publishing imprints we offer reflect this diversity. We don't limit your options, you can fully self-publish your book if you wish by becoming your own publisher, buying your own ISBNs and merely commissioning our printing and distribution services or why not join our team and publish under one of our professional publishing imprints? Let us handle it all for you. You are in control.

assisted publishing, mainstream publishing, re-publishing of out-of-print titles, distribution services for authors and publishers

Keywords: authors, book publishing, Books, writers