Glass Nail File, Crystal Nail File for Wholesale

Glass Nail File, Crystal Nail File for Wholesale from CSSTORM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD

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Glass Nail File: Crystal glass nail file is especially for beautifully smoothing and shaping natural and artificial nails. Made from high quality, long lasting crystal, the velvety smooth filing surface helps prevent nail from splitting and also gives accurate shaping.
Make-up artist tip: File nails in one direction, from the corner to the centre. Do not file from side to side as this can weaken the nails. 
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Glass nail files are more recently available. Since glass nail files have a smoother and more even surface they do not splinter the nail like emery boards or metal nail files. This makes them a preferred instrument by manicurists  
Material: tempered float glass Tech: tempered glass nail file which means our products are much stronger than others.
Finish: we have Swarovski and rhinestone glass nail file, laser glass nail file, cladding glass nail file. Package: PVC bag, Velvet bag, Plastic case
Available Size: 90mm, 135mm, 140mm, 180mm, 195mm, 200mm Color: Yellow, cobalt blue, lemon yellow, ruby, magenta, light red, green, black, blue, white, violet, combination.
Usage: used for manicure, both can use for natural nails, artificial nails and for pets too. Caution: Clean it after use, put it in hot water to disinfection.

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