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Digital Marketplace - - Trade, share and promote your files and work with other users from Creatity Limited

By: Creatity Limited  26/01/2009
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Our portal is intended for the trading of your ideas and work.

You can upload your files on our system and we can help you to find the right customers and sell it for you.

Some people access the web because they need to get information, search for products or simply want to be entertained.

Keep this in mind when placing products onto our web pages. The more interesting your work, the more you can earn.Be creative, professional and honest in the things you advertise and the things you really can deliver.

Here is a short list of the most popular wanted items:

If you create something listed down the page and want to sell it with us please do not hesitate and upload your work on

Most wanted Items

  • Adobe Flash Animations or Flash Components that can be easily reused. For example, 3D Text or text effects, menus, slideshows, loaders, featured control elements for applications (combo boxes, drop-down menus, tables, forms, calendars and time controls).
  • Business Photos and Pictures – people shaking hands; money and finance related image material; ideas; inventions & changes; project management; law; success; corporate life; meetings; questions; chaos; telecommunication; information technology; industry; energy; environmentally friendly subjects; growth; strength; weakness; decrease; fall down; crisis management; risk management; global market; trading
  • Music Lyrics and Accords– there are plenty of free lyrics available on the internet. However, it is difficult to find, for instance, an arrangement for a classical or acoustic guitar, guitar tabs, arrangement for piano, violin etc. Arrangements for a small orchestra – duos, trios or a quartet are also very helpful.
  • Office templates– charts, diagrams, mind-maps, marketing analysis, featured tables, cartoons and clipart for PowerPoint, featured slide shows. In addition, résumés, curriculum vitae, letters of interest, invitations, condolence notes, notices etc.
  • Legal and Business Contracts, AgreementsAgreements – lease contracts, commercial contracts, rental contracts, etc. Please specify clearly what applies, what files and what parts are to be replaced by custom text, make the use of your contract, easy for the average who may not be overly familiar with the law and legal agreements.
  • Analysis and Technical Documentation– if you have a market research or analysis that could also be to other people, do not hesitate to upload it here. We encourage you to place the synopsis or the table of contents in the description and you might also attach an abbreviated version as an example of your work (1-2 pages as a PDF).
  • Java games and applications for mobile devices– if you are a developer and you have created useful software for cell phones or PDAs, market them here on our platform. There is currently huge demand for games, file managers, new skins and layouts for mobile devices, small accounting applications, and instant messaging software.

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