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By: Counselling Choices  06/02/2011
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At CC we offer a broad spectrum of therapeutic services including short and long term therapy.  There are many and varied schools of counselling and psychotherapy to choose from and whilst there are considerable similarities, we at CC have an integrative approach to our work.  This means that we bring together a blend of different therapeutic theories, models and approaches that enable us to personalise and adapt the therapy and treatment for each client and organisation.

We know from working with our clients that time is of importance and that for many people long term therapy is not an option.  Our approach allows our clients to benefit from setting realistic goals and time frames to our sessions, specific to their needs.  You can choose from traditional to the latest psychological interventions to achieve the best results.

Our therapies include:

Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT): This approach is very practical and focuses on finding the solutions to making the changes you want.  It is based on the present and future using counselling; questions are asked to elicit the present strengths and resources of the client and this enables the client to envisage the future.  BSFT is unlike most other forms of therapy where you can come for a session to work on a specific problem.  The session can last up to two to three hours and you can have sessions as you need rather than commit weekly.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): This approach is problem solving using cognitive and behavioural techniques based on how we think.  The aim is to change our way of thinking and behaving by understanding our cognitive and behavioural process that cause our feelings.  This includes our thoughts, ideas, mental images, beliefs and attitudes which fuel many situations and health conditions we experience.  A varied number of techniques may be applied to the session from self-monitoring to relaxation and assertiveness skills may be utilised in the process.  To benefit from CBT you are expected to attend at least 16 to 24 sessions.

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR):EMDR is an effective trauma based therapy used to help individuals process distressing life events. Eye movements along with specific protocols and guided procedures will help the individual integrate and process traumatic memories and emotions. Sessions usually last for 1.5 hours to allow time to process information effectively.

Executive and Life Coaching:This involves direct coaching support and positive feedback with occasional advice to enable the effectiveness to the individual’s personal or professional life.  Our coaching approach utilises your personal and professional life and work experiences.  Coaching is structured, and places strategic plans to achieve agreed goals that create accountability and enable you to monitor change and success through results.

Hypnotherapy: Is a gentle form of therapy taking place whilst in a focused relaxed state of mind and body. It is successfully applied to a wide range of conditions from being able to change unwanted behaviours, emotions and attitudes. Hypnotherapy primarily focuses your subconscious mind through direct suggestions without the interference of your conscious mind.  The results are often very quick and the experience has been described by some as being “profound” and “relaxing”.

Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy:The integrative approach takes the position that no single model, or theory of mind is universally accepted.  This means that the therapist works with a client from many theoretical perspectives and combines different schools of therapy to best suite the client’s needs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): The NLP techniques primarily focus on the connections our neurological processes make by eliciting the language we use, the behavioural patterns that we have programmed into our subconscious. Understanding and making these connections allows us to change or reframe our patterns to achieve our goals by removing the obstacles that hold us back.  NLP can be applied to any aspect of our personal and professional life, health and wellbeing.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):In order to overcome a traumatic event and its related troubling symptoms (including flashbacks, depression, nightmares, panic attacks, anxieties, guilt and even bouts of anger),  PTSD treatments include the use of CBT, EMDR, Hypnosis and behavioural therapies.  You can expect an average of five sessions to significantly reduce the traumatic memories and help you cope with them.

Psycho-Sexual Therapy (PST): PST is for anyone experiencing difficulties in their sexual relationships.  This intimate encounter can at times be fraught with feelings of displeasure and a lack of enjoyment often a source of frustration, embarrassment and rejection.  This can cause relationship or marital breakdowns and personal distress.   PST can help you address issues such as lack of desire, lack of libido, impotence, vaginismus, premature ejaculation and problems of intimacy.  PST can help with sexual behaviours that are out of control, destructive and compulsive including risk taking.

Relationship Counselling: Is a conscious approach to relationship strengthening and rebuilding of yourself and those around you.  It is for anyone who is in a relationship or is having difficulties with someone in their life or place of work.

Relaxation Therapy: Helps those experiencing very high levels of anxiety who find it almost impossible to relax and release tension and thoughts.  This is a teaching method on how to relax and overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.  You may use the yoga system of exercises to improve your breathing and focus.  Correct breathing techniques to focusing, clearing your mind and thinking instructions are provided including mediation.  These sessions promote lower heart rate, low blood pressure and better concentration and alertness of the body and mind.

Stress Management: This approach allows individuals or groups of people to learn to be aware of how our communication styles, lifestyles and fixed ways of being can heighten the stress levels at work and in their personal life.  The sessions provide insights and connections that allow the client to create and manage their stress better with hands-on techniques that can be applied and incorporated into your lifestyle and communications.

At the initial assessment you will discuss with your assessor your needs and together you will decide on the therapy best suited to you, unless you already have a preference to work with a type of therapy of your choice.  At this stage you can choose to have one type of therapy or utilise the benefits of our integrative approach in confidence for best results.

Please to find out how we can support you or arrange a preliminary assessment without obligations.

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