By: CONNORGODDARD Ltd  07/10/2010
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CONNORGODDARD has wide experience in developing new names for brands, companies, products, and services. Through partnerships with leading intellectual property lawyers, we can also have your shortlisted names trademark and copyright checked legitimacy and effectiveness of usage in their target geographic territories and market sectors.


Our corporate identity work is founded upon the insights gained during the brand definition process. It’s vital that the outward facing elements of your brand’s identity reflect the values of the brand and express its essence with precision and power. Anything less is simply an arbitrary exercise in design for its own sake. Whether your brand identity is to be projected in a strictly B2B context or will be seen by consumers the world over, we have the expertise and understanding to deliver solutions that are both strategically focused and eminently practical. Our experience covers everything from simple logo design to retail signage, aircraft livery and branded clothing.

A CONNORGODDARD Brand DNA Book is so much more than a brand manual. Yes, it tells you which Pantone references you should use. Yes, it takes you through the 2D and 3D design language. Yes it defines a tone of voice. But it does a great deal more besides. It examines the brand’s values and essence in forensic detail, then anticipates and describes how the brand should be experienced across every touchpoint in all markets. It explores how the nuances of overseas end-markets will impact upon the perception of the brand and shows you how to stay in control. It shows you how your brand should behave in both visual and non-visual expressions. It allows you to create an immersive brand experience - vital in retail and many other sectors – where each and every brand expression is ‘on brand’, whether the medium is graphical or conveyed through taste, touch, sound, smell, lighting, architecture or people.

Our Brand DNA books are powerful tools in the hands of any Brand Manager – delivering brand consistency no matter where the end market might be and ensuring a compelling and universal brand experience for your consumers.


Large and small organizations benefit from our creative approach to their advertising and print design – we deliver concepts that resonate with the target audience, add measurable success to the bottom line and increase brand presence – advertising that gets results. In-house copywriting, art direction and design ensure an integrated, holistic approach to problem solving and creative execution.


We have real strength in depth in copywriting, with writers who have helped shape the communications profiles of many of the world’s leading brands. Our experience covers everything from press, radio and TV to corporate brochures, scriptwriting for corporate events and AGMs, and branded ‘coffee-table’ books designed to explain and express your brand as a narrative story.


Functionality and impact are everything. Gimmicks are pointless. We consider online communications from the outset with each and every brief. Online communications are not an afterthought, they’re a central part of the strategy. Functionality is as important as visual impact and information content. Not only will CONNORGODDARD design your website, we will originate content and oversee the build and integration to any technical backend systems (such as accounting / stock control systems) via our partnership with a leading UK-based development studio. 


Communicating a significant change to your staff, or engaging them fully with your brand’s values – CONNORGODDARD has worked with a broad range of companies across sectors as diverse as automotive, retail, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, professional services and data warehousing.


We have worked with leading brands to develop branded interiors for retail environments, museums, exhibitions and events. We have the experience and diligence to make sure that these often complex and time-consuming processes are managed efficiently, delivered on time and budget, and work as hard as possible to communicate your brand expressions compellingly.

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