coconut oil teeth whiteninh

By: CocoShine  29/06/2016
Keywords: teeth whitening, tooth whitening, Dental Healthcare

CocoShine is led by Mr Davies a Consultant from Harley Street London. Going to the dentist can be painful in more ways than one, some Dental procedures can now cost tens of thousands of pounds. Oil pulling is the best way to whiten and brighten your teeth, not only does it improve your overall oral health it’s an ancient remedy that was originated in India approximately 3,000 years ago and it only involves one ingredient Coconut Oil. Oil pulling removes toxins in your mouth by swishing coconut oil around. You can get rid of many oral diseases in your mouth by oil pulling, CocoShine naturally whitens your teeth gently and safely, unlike other teeth whitening methods, CocoShine does not cause tooth sensitivity or weaken enamel. CocoShine is delivered to you in the form of a refreshing spearmint flavour sachet, simply swish CocoShine around your mouth for 5-15 minutes, spit it out and brush your teeth afterwards. It’ll leave your teeth visibly whiter, incredibly clean and your mouth healthy. Oil pulling is loaded with benefits that everyone will notice the next time you smile. Once you start you’ll notice how white your smile is and how healthy your mouth feels that you won’t want to stop! There are a number of reasons that makes oil pulling the perfect remedy for teeth whitening. .It does not have harmful chemical .It does not foam in the mouth .With the new spearmint flavour it does not tastes nasty like other oils used .It is effective against harmful bacteria in the mouth .It is easy to use .It reduces inflammation and heals bleeding gums .Strengthens the gums and jaws .Gets rid of bad breath

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