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By: Clipping Path asia  20/03/2014
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Clipping path is the primary and most effective process about Graphics design. Graphic designers would have to work with images all the time. They have to make sure that the images that they are portraying to the public will always evoke emotion from people who are looking at it. There are even times when it is okay for people to feel extreme hatred for a photograph especially if that is the desire of the graphic designer. Some graphic designers sometimes edit photographs to make them look extreme but this is enough to make people realize what the image is trying to say - See more at:

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Image Enhancement

Image enhancement is the process of improving the excellence of a digitally collected photo by manipulating it properly. This is an easy procedure. This is the process of decreasing or increasing the contrast of a photo or making it darker or lighter than before. It also helps in altering or filtering photos in different ways. - See more at:

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Image Masking

Image masking for getting your desired image Image masking is the procedure which helps in getting perfect output from the pictures that have fuzzy or blurred edges. The goal of image masking is making the edges smooth and sharp. By applying different improved techniques, it will help you in getting your desired image.

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Photo Retouching

If you are interested in making your photo wonderful, then you should know about photo retouching. This includes some techniques which will help in improving the value of an image. This can be done by adjusting the color and contrast of an image. Applying layers and reducing noise are also part of this procedure. If you want to give the perfect look to your photo, you should know the essential facts about retouching the photo. - See more at:

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Kneck Joint using photoshop

Image manipulation is a kind of art which is actually altering a photo for expressing the necessity of a person. This is another process that is related to the photo editing. This is applied for artistic reasons and also for deceitfulness. This also helps in resizing photos. There are different applications for doing this and Adobe Photoshop is very popular for this.