National Insurance Rebates

By:  28/04/2009
Keywords: CIS Tax Refunds, Claim Tax, NI Rebates offers National Insurance Rebates to anyone working and residing in the UK with a permanent National Insurance number. A National Insurance Rebate redirects your NI contributions that would ordinarily go into a government controlled State Second Pension, into a pension scheme set up in your own name. Currently you are only able to access your govt pension at retirement age of 65 and then only if you are living in the UK at that time. National Insurance Rebates allow you to access your pension 10 years earlier at age 55, the funds are invested and will grow over the years until you reach 55 and the scheme is very quick and easy to apply for, taking less than 5 minutes. The other benefit of the National Insurance Rebate is that if you are planning to leave the UK by retirement age, it will ensure you recieve money you otherwise would have lost, and it is free of charge! 

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