Stop Smoking Hypnosis Programme

By: City Hypnotherapy Centre  19/05/2011
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Our stop smoking hypnosis treatment package is designed to un-learn and break your subconscious smoking habits and associations so that when you enter back into your normal, everyday routine you are acting, thinking, feeling and behaving like a non-smoker (not an ex-smoker). As a non-smoker you would have no desire or craving to smoke, nor would you feel deprived or feel the need to substitute the cigarettes with anything else.  

During the first part of the session we will discuss your individual smoking behaviours so that this can then be worked directly into the treatment that would immediately follow. The actual hypnosis itself is a very enjoyable state of relaxation where you will remain in complete control at all times. It is a myth that anyone can be controlled or 'taken over' with hypnosis, thus in order for treatment to be successful you must be ready and committed to becoming a non-smoker - stopping for your own reasons and not to simply please somebody else.

In most cases just one session is required to stop smoking completely, regardless of how much you smoke or how long you have been smoking. However, in the rare case that you should need any extra support you will firstly be given a CD at the end of the session, which reinforces the hypnotic parts of the treatment to keep you feeling relaxed and at ease. Secondly, there is a one-month free aftercare service which enables you to return for as many sessions as you feel are necessary within that time. This entire package costs £240 inclusive (as of May 2011). Appointments are available Monday to Thursday between 10am and 6pm.

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Keywords: hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Centre

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