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By: Cheapgolfforsale  20/09/2010
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   Callaway FTi Squareway Wood at   The most forgiving fairway woods we've created. Like the FT-i Driver did for drivers, the FT-i Squareway Woods set a new standard in fairway woods. With a moment of inertia (MOI) approaching that of our best-selling drivers, they are the most forgiving fairway woods we’ve ever created.
Released for the start of the 2008 season, the relatively new Callaway FTi Squareway wood is what the name says, a square headed fairway wood from Callaway. At first glance the club does look great, even those who dislike square headed clubs should probably still find the FTi Squareway clubs very attractive to look at. There is a 3 and 5 wood available in the range. The model we reviewed was the 3 wood, fitted with the stiff flex version of the Fujikura shaft. Despite being quite attractive to look at, the head certasinly looks massive at address. And the square shape can be abit intimidating if you're not used to playing with these sort of clubs.But although being very large, the Callaway FTi Squareway club head does sit behind the ball quite well at address. And along with that this club also does have a nice weight to it, the larger head definitely doesn't make the overall weight too heavy. However unlike alot of other woods from Callaway, this club isn't overly easy to launch from the fairway. It can take a while to get used to the head shape if you're not used to using clubs with the square design. However hitting from a tee is still quite easy with the squareway, and shouldn't pose much of a problem to most players. The FT-i Squareway is also not the most forgiving wood ever, we found that it did need to be hit well to get the most out of it. Where as alot of other woods available today can sometimes almost seem to do the work for you. But when this club is hit well, it is definitely very long and powerful. Probably not quite as long as the Big Bertha Diablo Wood from Callaway, but it can still get the golf ball out there, almost as far as some Drivers can on occaision. This is a wood that can certainly fill the gap left in some players bags when they reluctant to play the often intimidating Driver.   Although needing to be hit well to get the best out of it, accuracy wise the club didn't perform too badly. However it is very hard to miss a shot right with this club, almost all mis-hits that went off-line went to the left. Anyone who struggles with a slice or a push is very likely to be a fan of the Squareway. But if you're a decent player though, who often likes to work the ball left to right, then a Squareway wood may perhaps not be for you. It just takes too much effort to achieve a fade. So although the Callaway FTi Squareway definitely offers some very good benefits. One thing that definitely has to be mentioned is the rather irritating sound at impact. Despite the fact that the club does feel very good at impact when you hit one well, almost every shot produces a very, very loud noise. Even when you don't hit the ball that hard, the sound can be almost insulting. You're playing partners and probably every other golfer on the course you're playing, will know when you've just used your Squareway wood. If you get to hit one you will likely find this out, every golfer will have their own level of what they're prepared to put up with though. In terms of price, the Callaway FTi Squareway woods are quite pricey at the moment. With most retailers just now pricing one of the clubs at around $118. Details at   ( not only offers golf clubs, but the cheapest golf for sale. Hurry up to get your cheap golf clubs)

Keywords: Golf clubs, golf equipment