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By: Cash Genie  11/11/2009
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Cash Genie blog has arrived….in a lamp…or a bottle…ready to grant you 3 wishes!! Well, not exactly, but we can grant you 1 really good one – short term loans! It may not sound too exciting but the Cash Genie service is where it’s at.

Cash Genie is a new provider of short-term loans. Customers are able to complete everything online, and have the cash in their bank within minutes! The customer service team will even do everything for you if your on-the-go, or if you do not have access to the Internet.

Basically Cash Genie offer instant cash in your bank, which needs to be paid back on your payday (like a payday loan)! First time customers can receive from £75 to £150, and  return customers can borrow up to £750.  The more you use our service, the higher your trust rating goes meaning you can get more fast cash!

Cash Genie intends to compete with those nasty banks who have hidden costs and other established short term loan lenders who deserve to be beneath us! Soon, it will not be called a short-term loan customers ask for, it will simply be called a Cash Genie loan! Maybe we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but Cash Genie is here to take the market by storm.

Cash Genie is different from other lenders because of the transparency of our service, the convenience of using us, the speed of delivery and the excellent customer service our team provides. We know that customers do not want just an end-product, they want an amazing service surrounding this, before and after the product has been acquired. You can sit at home, know exactly how much you are paying back before you apply and have the cash in your bank before the adverts finish!

The company is based around a ‘Responsible Lending’ policy, meaning we want to create a strong relationship with customers and provide them with the best possible service. And because Cash Genie are responsible, we also want our customers to be too. This means paying back on time, and only using our service when you know you can pay the loan and interest back. We are a short term loan service and not a service for the long term. For example, customers use our service for the unexpected moments in the month like your car breaking down, a forgotten birthday, an unexpected bill, an E-bay bid or for treating yourself!

Last but not least, we’ve got some more exciting news for you…our blog service! You are now free to celebrate with us! will be filling you in with the latest news and latest offers Cash Genie are offering. Keep updated with us on the Cash Genie blog!

So check us out at and take a look around, and if you feel like it take out a loan or give the Cash Genie an e-mail. Don’t forget guys…Cash Genie loan (not short-term loan)!

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