Tee’s Caribbean Saltfish Fritters Recipe Kit

Tee’s Caribbean Saltfish Fritters Recipe Kit from Caribbean Recipe Kits

By: Caribbean Recipe Kits  05/10/2010
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Saltfish fritters……the words alone conjure up memories of a hot day at Notting hill carnival.

After spending hours bobbing your head to various reggae and soca beats, and smelling sumptuous spices wafting through the air as you pass rows and rows of Caribbean food stalls. You look longingly at the HUGE variety of tasty Caribbean dishes on offer, but resist until your eye catches that round, crispy, spicy snack that is a saltfish fritter...

Once you take that first bite you instantly become addicted to the contrasting flavours of caramelised onions, slightly salted fish and tropical hot peppers.

As you sink deeper and deeper in to fritter heaven a chilling thought enters your mind, how will I ever taste this delicious snack again, as carnival only happens once a year!

No worries mon” Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits, is here to help you create the perfect saltfish fritters snack every time, all you need to do is click the ADD TO CART button.

Tee’s will provide you with an easy to use Caribbean recipe kit that contains fresh hand picked ingredients, and the best Caribbean food brands to prepare your saltfish fritters. After all, the ingredients are the most important part when cooking Caribbean cuisine, as the quality and freshness of the ingredients, will determine the overall taste of your meal.

As well as providing you with the finest ingredients for your saltfish fritters, you will also get a FREE recipe card, that will show you step by step, how to cook saltfish fritters.

For added ease our recipe cards also includes colour pictures, to help guide and reassure you every step of the way, whilst you create your tasty traditional Caribbean master piece.

Oh by the way, did we mention that all the delicious ingredients needed to make your saltfish fritters, comes in a traditional wicker basket, that can be re-used to store fruits, pot puree or any other items of your choice? No………….Well they DO so secure yours now by clicking the ADD TO CART button.

Tee’s Caribbean saltfish fritter recipe kits are delicious, tasty and truly represent the flavours of the Caribbean. The recipe kits make it easy for even the most novices of cooks, to recreate an authentic reggalicious Caribbean snack.

Now you know what a Caribbean saltfish fritter recipe kit is, click the ADD TO CART button now, for your chance to be able to cook this famous traditional, authentic Caribbean snack in the comfort of your own home.

- Included in this recipe kit: The ingredients needed to create authentic Caribbean saltfish fritters, a free saltfish fritter recipe card and a traditional re-usable wicker tray.

- Not included in this recipe kit (but needed): Onions, salt and oil.

- Packaging: All meals come securely sealed and wrapped as shown in the picture, (Minus the gift wrapping bows), if you would like your saltfish fritter recipe kit gift wrapped, this can be arranged at an extra charge please contact us for more details.

- Serves: 4-6 people

Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits “Ah wi mek Caribbean cooking EASY”

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