UK Marriage Visa - Get It In a Few Simple Steps

UK Marriage Visa - Get It In a Few Simple Steps from Capital Visas

By: Capital Visas  27/01/2011
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UK marriage visa is a type of UK visa, which is for the people who are married to a UK citizen and want to get accommodated in Britain with their spouse or partner. To be eligible, you need to prove you are in civil partnership, or legally married or plan to marry within six months of arriving in the UK.

Before applying for a UK marriage visa, you need to be very sure about the regulations and demands related to the procedure itself. The process of applying for the same is time consuming as well as expensive. However, there is assistance provided by many immigration consultation companies but it would be beneficial to have a general idea of the process to get your UK marriage visa with ease. The British Government department named as ‘UK Border Agency’ entertains all the UK visa applications.

All the applications of UK visa go through the strict eyes of UK Border Agency officials including majority of paperwork required to fulfill the demands that come under particular categories.

Things you need to get a UK Marriage Visa:

Do you have your current passport with you? If yes, then check the expiration date and get a new one if the expiration date is near. Getting a passport is not difficult these days and you can get it online by applying through a simple mail. Renewal is easier than applying for a new one.

For a UK marriage visa/spouse Visa, you would need to arrange all the necessary papers. You would need to have enough money in the bank to support yourself and be smart enough to give the money details, as they are not going to give you any suggestions on the same. Your evidences of marriage like photographs, certificates or other documents should be ready to be shown when asked. The other things required would be the mortgage papers or lease papers of the place where you are going to stay in UK and estimated income and expenditure.

Once you have finished your application form and paid the fee, get ready to have your biometrics appointment. As per the rule from 2008, every applicant of UK marriage visa must be digitally photographed and fingerprinted.

On your biometrics appointment, you would need to bring your passport and appointment confirmation. After you are photographed and fingerprinted the procedure is almost done for UK marriage visa. Get your confirmation paper stamped and submit that paper with your visa application. All these steps need to be followed to get your UK marriage visa and it would be beneficial to take assistance from a UK immigration consultancy to help you in your visa

Keywords: uk visa