The New Tier 4 Visa- A Way to Restrict Illegal Entries

The New Tier 4 Visa- A Way to Restrict Illegal Entries from Capital Visas

By: Capital Visas  27/01/2011
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UK, the country is known for its academic excellence. It has made a mark in high quality education and exposure. Tier 4 is an immigration route for the non-UK students who want to have their education done in a culturally rich country.  The Tier 4 category divides in to two sub categories
•    General student
•    Child student

The general student category is a point based tier 4 system introduced in March 2009. The final phase with new amendments for Tier 4 has recently been launched in February 2010. The changes were designed to control illegal entries in United Kingdom under UK visa student category. So from now, an applicant must obtain 40 points to be eligible to travel on tier 4 UK visa. The points can be achieved by providing the following details mentioned below with your application:
•    Visa letter from education provider: 30 points
•    Evidence of appropriate maintenance: 10 points

Here is the elaboration of the points to make it slightly easier for you to understand:
•    Applicant must be proficient in English under GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) level in order to be eligible for a UK student visa.
•    Minimum age to apply for a UK tier 4 Visa is 18.
•    Students who are applying for UK visa will follow the rules of UK Boarder Agency, the conditions are the same with institutions and universities, and they also have to follow the rules of certificates of sponsorship, which works as a verification from an institute.
•    Students need to produce evidence of enough funds to pass a maintenance test.

These are the spotlighted points only, for a successful immigration, an applicant must have to go through all the requirements stipulated in the UK immigration laws.

Illegal migration has given a lot of tough time to the UK government. Now, the government wants to be more precise on every migration and have made amendments to their policies. Due to the strict immigration regulations, numerous foreign students find it difficult to study in United Kingdom because it has shown a vibe that they want foreign students who have a sound background academically, socially and financially. The students must be financially independent as now by the rule, the working hours allowed to the student are reduced and students who are applying for a course shorter than six months are not allowed to work at all. The idea behind is to cater a workforce that could become a strength for the government in the coming time and could provide economic stability to the nation.

The final note on the topic is that the requirements for Tier 4 visas are always subject to change at a short notice.  All those students who are considering immigration via student visa should contact an immigration and Visa Consultant in order to keep up with the latest implementations in the country.

Keywords: uk visa