HSMP Visa - An Overview on the Point System

HSMP Visa - An Overview on the Point System from Capital Visas

By: Capital Visas  27/01/2011
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Let HSMP visa take you to your dream destination, United Kingdom!

The HSMP UK visa, which is an abbreviation of Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, is a way to make your dreams come true. There has been a change in the rule, from 2008, HSMP visa has been replaced by Tier 1 General visa. Though the rules may differ since the HSMP Visa for UK changed its identity to the Tier 1 Visa (General) category, the fact is still the same that you must be a skilled worker to qualify.

HSMP Visa for UK, works under a point system so does the new Tier 1 General Programme. You need a minimum of 75 points to qualify. The noticeable difference is that, now you only have to fill out one application form instead of applying for British Embassy visa and getting an approval letter; which used to be earlier with UK HSMP visa. Unlike other UK visa programmes which deal with UK immigration, the Tier 1 General Visa as well as the HSMP does not require you to have a sponsor. However, the basic requirements are, you have to be very good at English and you should possess minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.  You can increase your points if you have earned a respectable sum of money in your country in recent years.  You can also claim extra points if you are below 32. The rule is; the minimum the age the maximum the points. If you are at the age of 27 or under, you can claim 20 points with no extra efforts.

The point system helps to weed out those who disqualify at the first stage as a worker skilled enough to join UK visa programme under HSMP category. There are free online test available where you can easily check out whether you are illegible or not for the Tier 1 programme before applying.  Various companies provide assistance in distributing information to the Tier 1 General applicants, but your own knowledge is a strength that enhances your chances to obtain this kind of UK visa.

Keywords: uk visa