Fiance Visa: Important Points to be Considered

Fiance Visa: Important Points to be Considered from Capital Visas

By: Capital Visas  27/01/2011
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Foreign individuals who wish to marry a British citizen can apply for the fiance visa petition. Fiance visa is the first step for an individual to become a citizen of UK. UK fiance or fiancee visa permits an individual to bring their fiancée or fiance into UK to join them as long as they themselves have a settled status as a British citizen or permanent residence. If you are from outside UK and are returning to settle, then your partner can apply for a UK fiance or fiancee visa to join you at the same time.

Fiance visa takes less time in issuing as compared to the normal visa application for marriage. Immigration consultants and caseworkers have a wide range of immigration expertise and experience to assist you at every stage of your UK fiance or fiancee visa application. They can help you in UK fiance visa, unmarried partner visa and for a whole range of other UK visas applications for Immigration to UK.

Fiance visas are issued for six months and are given for the sole purpose of the travelling individual to come to UK in order to get married. Once the applicant gets married he/she can apply for a marriage visa. When the marriage visa is approved, it is given for an initial two year period. After issuing the visa, individual can apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) better known as permanent residency. It is offered on the grounds that the couple has been living in the UK and is still married.

Following requirements must be met by an individual to qualify for a UK Fiance visa:

UK Fiance Visas - Eligibility Criteria
•    People who wish to apply for UK fiance Visas must be 21 years of age or over.
•    Applicants should have met each other.
•    Applicants must plan to marry within six months of obtaining the UK fiance / fiancee visa.
•    Applicant must live with their partner after marriage.
•    UK fiance / fiancee visa applicants must be able to support their dependents without recourse to public funds or working.

If you meet all the above mentioned requirements, then you can file the fiance visa petition. An experienced immigration consultant can assist in a wide range of immigration services. They can also provide advice and legal assistance for UK immigration and UK Visa and for other types of visas like fiance visas to individual clients as well as corporate clients.  

Keywords: uk visa