Capital Fortune 'head to head' with HSBC and offer 1.98% Mortgage from Woolwich

By: Capital Fortune  17/09/2009
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Following HSBC's recent announcement of a 1.99% mortgage rate, Capital  Fortune  are pleased to announce we are able to source mortgages from 1.98%.

At Capital  Fortune  we are constantly reviewing the mortgage market to check the best rates for our clients.

We therefore announce our lowest ever tracker at just 1.98% for mortgages up to 60% of the property value.

For more details visit out website or contact us direct on 0845 3 630 430.

1.98% Tracker Rate - Maximum Lending 60% 

Limited Offer: 1 Year Step Lifetime Tracker, Bank of England + 1.48% until 31.01.2011 (1.98%), reverting to Bank of England + 2.49% for life, £999 Lender Fee, 60% LTV, 2% Early Repayment Charge until 31.01.2013, Min £200k, Max £500k

Can't see what you're looking for? Check out the on our website or call us direct on 0845 3 630 430.

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