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By: Business Link Local   22/11/2013
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Search Management is managing several processes, both on your web site and using other popular and authorative web sites to position your unique content and backlinks to solve customers’ problems in the places that your customers are looking. The key to a great search management strategy is knowing what, where, when and why your customers are looking for solutions to their problems. Armed with this information Business Link Local can design content, position it where your customers are searching and then link it all back to your web site. Search management won’t stop there, we will also work with you to better engage customers when they visit your web assets. To understand the answer to the question what is search management, first we must look at the 3 basic things that Google says you should do to achieve higher search engine rankings; 1. Produce Relevant Content. a. Content which is relevant to the theme of your web site and the categories you are listed in. 2. Produce Regular Content. a. The days of having a static, brochure type web site are over, if you want to be found higher in the search rankings, you need to update your web page regularly. b. Google suggests to produce regular updates and content for all of your web assets. A great way to do this is news and blog updates, regular articles etc 3. Produce Content that people like a. Google classes mentions, reviews and backlinks as things that show people like your content, as well as social media, referring blogs and trusted articles on authorative sites. If you have an established web site and follow the above principles then you will achieve higher ranking results then those who do not.

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