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By: Business Link Local   22/11/2013
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There is no simple and out of the box solution to for reputation management. A Great Reputation management strategy will have eager buyers flocking to you whilst a negative reputation is a silent business killer, unless you are monitoring, learning and responding to the comments made by your customers you will never know why they are not buying from you. What Is Reputation management Your reputation is your most valuable asset, it is the reason people will buy from you, work for you, why suppliers will supply to you and why investors will trust you with their money. The reputation management definition can be separated into three different categories. Obviously, it is managing the reputation of a company or an individual. Reputation management can be for a company of any size, whether it is a larger company who wants to self-promote, or a just-established company which wants to get its name out there. With the help of Business Link Local , you can use any of these types of reputation management strategies to grow your business: 1- Building – This type of reputation management has to do with building the reputation for a business that is just getting started. It includes defining your business culture, activity and defining the things you want to be known for, then building a good reputation and maintaining it for your business. 2- Maintenance – Reputation management where it is needed just keep a company’s good image superior in the public eye is called maintenance. This is meant for companies that are already established, and have a good reputation already. 3- Recovery – If your business has gotten a bad reputation for any reason, then the recovery portion of reputation management is for you. Business Link Local use a range of strategies to suppress, actively engage and respond to bad or poor comments which affect your reputation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) if done properly is a very labour intensive process. Any approach that is subtle and yet effective will take time, sometimes several months, before any progress is clearly achieved. Online reputation management includes many different strategies, focussed on monitoring and promoting your business across multiple sites which include social media such as: Blogging – Blogs that are updated every day, weekly or monthly with regular content Directory listings – Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords and categories Direct reviews – Monitoring, managing and responding to reviews Online publicity – Syndicated article writing, links, and banners Social networking – Posting pages on and Facebook. Every business should have a defined reputation management plan, it should also be unique to your business. Talk to business Link Local as we believe what works for one company may not work for a different one, so be sure to work with the experts in this area.

Keywords: blog, brand development, Brand Management, marketing communications, marketing strategy, reputation management, review

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