STE launches Europe-wide job board for software testers

STE launches Europe-wide job board for software testers from BUSINESS FRANCE UK

By: BUSINESS FRANCE UK  02/12/2010
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Software Testing Europe (STE) is the first European website that is entirely devoted to the recruitment of software-testing professionals. After an initial version of the specialist job board in French, STE has launched the English version, for the UK and the rest of Europe. ALL4TEST, the company operating the website, is seeking local representatives in the UK and across the rest of Europe.


For some years now, the software-testing business has been acknowledged as a bona fide profession in its own right. Yet, the sector is still in the process of being structured: engineering courses that cover software development hardly touch on the topic, and recruitment websites are poorly adapted to managing these kinds of profiles.


In order to meet the needs that exist in this new segment of the market, consultancy firm ALL4TEST launched the Software Testing Europe (STE) website in early 2010 with an initial version in French: . Since its launch at the JFTL, the one-day event organised in Paris for software testing, the French-version website has already been used by no fewer than 80 companies, and numbers are growing all the time.


The English version () is now being launched on the British and pan-European market. The beta version is already online. Companies and users will be able to access the website free of charge until the end of the year. This will be an opportunity for businesses to hire specialists at a lower cost.


As for software-testing experts, the first ones to sign up on the site may find a job and win an iPad: indeed, STE is planning a draw among the first 2,000 candidates to register on the website.


As Julien Van Quackebeke, who is CEO of ALL4TEST and the creator of the website, explains: “The faster applicants post up their CVs on the site, the more job ads companies will upload, so we would encourage applicants to go ahead and do it. The process is quick, with the option to import one’s CV from Linked-In. ISTQB-certified applicants and those including a photo to personalise their profile will be ranked at the top.”


How does work? The website’s main section is devoted to job offers intended for employees, for freelancers, or even for members of staff at software and computing-services companies who are between assignments. The website will also provide additional services and will help build up a genuine software-testing community in the UK and throughout Europe (including Germany and Scandinavia).


All members will have access to training-course schedules devoted to testing (courses in ISTQB, CMMi, ITIL, etc.), to theme-focused files, and to news about the profession. Every member may take part in creating content for those sections. There will also be innovative functionalities such as importing one’s CV from Linked-In (already mentioned), the possibility of rating consultants, a segmentation of testers by speciality and by business sector, and many more.


ALL4TEST is seeking partners, future associates and local representatives who wish to take part in developing the STE website within their own country, more particularly in the UK and Scandinavia, but also in Belgium and Germany. ALL4TEST is interested to hear from people who have substantial experience in commercialising web services and online recruitment services, as well as a natural familiarity with the world of IT and, more specifically, with software testing.


J Van Quackebeke will be in London at the beginning of December and is due to attend the TestExpo trade show. He will be available for meetings with people who would be interested to collaborate with him on this exciting project, including company representatives. 



The software industry must cope with new levels of risk derived from the decrease in lead-time development for products; from the increased outsourcing of project sections; from legal obligations requiring enhanced traceability; and, finally, from the players’ need to achieve better value. All these factors make it necessary to ‘industrialize’ the development, testing and verification process of increasingly complex software products.


That is why, in 2006, Julien Van Quackebeke set up ALL4TEST in Sophia-Antipolis (the high-technology enterprise park situated near Nice, in south-eastern France) and Paris.


This gave J Van Quackebeke exposure to the difficulties that companies experience when trying to recruit competent and motivated engineers in the field of software testing. J Van Quackebeke’s actions intend to bring a new tool to the testing community in order to meet the needs of recruiters in a constructive manner, but also to facilitate exchanges between consultants and companies across Europe: this is the reason behind the launch of the STE website in 2010.


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