FREEMINDTRONIC’s SAFER Evolution offers smart shield against data loss

FREEMINDTRONIC’s SAFER Evolution offers smart shield against data loss from BUSINESS FRANCE UK

By: BUSINESS FRANCE UK  13/10/2010
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FREEMINDTRONIC of France, a specialist in smart protection technology against data loss, has launched SAFER Evolution. This new technology protects hard drives from power surges and overloading, as well as short circuits. SAFER Evolution is an intelligent protection device that also indicates the source of the malfunction. FREEMINDTRONIC is seeking distributors and partners in the UK. 

SAFER Evolution, which is protected by an international patent, is the first FULLPROTECT technology IT application developed by FREEMINDTRONIC. (FULLPROTECT technology is a device that protects, monitors and identifies the origins of a loss of power.)  

The device provides protection against any voltage or current malfunction in the power supply of magnetic hard drives (HDs) and solid state drives (SSDs). SAFER Evolution is easy to use, and connects the power supply to the computer’s hard drive, PC, MAC or multimedia device. The system is both plug and play and hot plug. 

The device developed by FREEMINDTRONIC has three main functionalities, which are monitoring, protection, and diagnosis.   

Firstly, SAFER Evolution monitors, controls and protects whilst also limiting the load and type of electrical signals sent to the hard drive. In the event of a fault in current caused by the hard drive, SAFER Evolution cuts the power supply in less than 10 microseconds, insulating the drive from all other peripherals it is connected to, thus preventing the fault from spreading.  

SAFER Evolution automatically restores the supply as soon as the fault has been corrected. Similarly, in the event of a power surge, SAFER Evolution cuts the supply to the hard drive in less than 140 microseconds and automatically restores the supply as soon as the equipment is turned on after a 10-second break. This makes SAFER Evolution the only circuit breaker for hard drives.  

The device’s second key feature consists of an extra layer of protection that enables the device to protect systems beyond 58V. This self-protecting functionality is the ultimate tool for insulating and protecting data in the event of a major power surge as a result of a faulty power supply. 

SAFER Evolution’s third functionality is its ability to diagnose the source of the malfunction and to identify it by means of coloured lights.

In addition to Safer Evolution, FREEMINDTRONIC is currently developing a complete new product range called IXPlug (Intelligent Multiple Power Plug), which is based on the patented FULLPROTECT technology.

IXPlug SP125 is the first product in this line to be developed, and will be available this October 2010. This intelligent power plug, with embedded FULLPROTECT patented technology, has been developed for the electrical consumer market as well as for use in professional electrical systems and laboratory equipment. In 2011 FREEMINDTRONIC will present a new range of products which look to protect individuals and goods from computer malfunctions.


FREEMINDTRONIC is based in Mirepoix, in south-western France. 

FREEMINDTRONIC won the inventor’s prize in the IT, electronics, software, communications and electricity category, at the Exhibition of Inventions 2010 held in Geneva (Switzerland). The company was also awarded the silver medal for its FULLPROTECT technology. FULLPROTECT was up against over 75 other participants from 48 countries, and was awarded the prize by a jury of 85 members.

FREEMINDTRONIC works closely with a worldwide network of contacts and partners in order to market its products. FREEMINDTRONIC is currently developing relationships with distributors and partners in the UK.


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