BERNARD CONTROLS launches new Master Station fieldbus control system

BERNARD CONTROLS launches new Master Station fieldbus control system from BUSINESS FRANCE UK

By: BUSINESS FRANCE UK  18/01/2011
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BERNARD CONTROLS, a leader in electric actuators and control technologies for the automation of industrial valves, has launched a novel range of explosion-proof actuators and a new Master Station fieldbus solution. The BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station is a turnkey system, which handles all practical aspects, so as to optimize installation security. 


In comparison to a traditional point-to-point connection, the fieldbus developed by BERNARD CONTROLS enables a better flow of information, while enhancing on-site wiring and reducing the overall cost of installation. In many cases, the control architecture integrates a master station between the DCS and actuators. The BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station offers three key benefits for site engineers, which are often neglected at the design stage: flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. 


Flexibility is an essential characteristic of the BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station. There are two types of system for managing fieldbus communication. The proprietary system requires customers to use compatible devices supplied by the same manufacturer, while the open system allows for the connection of various brands of actuators or sensors to their fieldbus, allowing customers to select more than one equipment supplier. Opting for the open system, which conforms to users’ specific needs, allows for more flexibility and eases site management. That is why BERNARD CONTROLS employs the PROFIBUS DVP1 open protocol for all its fieldbus solutions.


Reliability is another cornerstone of the BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station. Most fieldbus systems offer a good level of reliability. The availability rate is over 99.99% for redundant PLC-based fieldbus communication systems. Security is critical for this complex process. In some cases, the level of security has to be raised by using a fully redundant communication link between the Master Station and slave systems (by doubling the fieldbus lines and interfaces).


It is possible, however, for the continuity of two lines to be disrupted at the same time. When one actuator is being retrieved from the field for maintenance, the whole installation is affected, as the signal can no longer circulate. It is, therefore, vital that, in such cases, there should be a technical means to secure line continuity.


By combining PLC technology, full redundancy and bus continuity, the BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station offers a reliable system, which has been specifically designed for the protection of installations.


Efficiency is also the hallmark of the BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station. Digital communication allows the user to retrieve large quantities of information from field units. This is particularly valuable when combined with high-speed communication. The BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station only takes one to three second(s) in order to scan the entire installation, while simultaneously executing multiple commands.

The Master Station, which is generally located close to the field units, is a good access point to the MOV data for maintenance engineers. The availability of data – such as valve torque curves, number of manoeuvres, running time, alarm logs, and communication status between devices – can be useful in supporting preventative maintenance management, and ultimately in helping to reduce unscheduled stoppages, while increasing site availability.




BERNARD CONTROLS, which is headquartered in Gonesse, near Paris (France), is a leader in the actuation business. The company designs and manufactures electric actuators and develops control technologies for the automation of industrial valves and dampers.


BERNARD CONTROLS operates an international network based on seven subsidiaries that are located across Europe, in China and in the USA, as well as regional sales offices in Russia, in the Middle East, and in Thailand. The company can also rely on over 30 distributors around the world.

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