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The Tube Alarm app has standard alarm clock features, and can also receive tube updates from Transport for London and then use that information to wake you up earlier than a set alarm in case there is a delay on any 3 of your favourite tube lines. So now you can use a different line instead or just leave early to make up for the delay.


Tube alarm

The Tube Alarm app wakes you up earlier if there is a delay or a suspension on lines you use. Launching tomorrow, the £2.99 app is for iPhones and Google Android handsets. Using a feed from the Transport for London website, the alarm app knows if your Tube line has delays. ‘You can set it to go off maybe 30 minutes earlier if there are major delays on your line, and if there are minor delays you can set it to go off perhaps ten minutes earlier,’ said database architect Arkajit Bala, 29,