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Choosing a boiler from Boiler Installation, Boiler replacement North London

By: Boiler Installation, Boiler replacement North London  04/03/2009
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Boilers are avaiable in a multitude of capacity and power outputs, from ones suitable for a small bedsit to those large enough for a mansion property.


Choosing the correct size of boiler is important to ensure that you have enough hot water as and when you need it, also a boiler that cannot meet the requirements of a household will be labouring which means that it's running cost will rise and it's energy efficiency will drop.


  • Add together the manufacturers recommended heat output for every radiator in your home (figure A).

  • To figure A, add 3kW to account for the hot water cylinder (if applicable).

  • Add 10% to account for very cold weather in winter.

City Gas will survey your home and provide you with a based only what your property needs to stay warm and energy efficient.


We will also adjudicate where you can save money on heating by testing your radiators. It may very well be that you are paying double in gas bills becuase your radiators are partially blocked by sludge and therefor are being left on longer.


All radiators are rated according to their power output in kilo Watts (kW), if you are also thinking of changes your existing radiators, then the first step we will take is to calcuate how powerful the existing radiators are.


If you feel that a room is currently far too cold, even when the radiator(s) are fully on, then consider adding a radiator a size or two larger than your current one(s).


Power flushing  is the expression used in the heating trade to denote the process by which the radiators, pipework and sometimes boiler are forcibly cleaned using water at high velocity but at a low pressure, so that no damage to the system occurs.


You might be able to save money with our to restore your existing radiatiors to their original condition.

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