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Welcome to Beyond Your Boundaries Life Coaching Services. My name is Dora Martin. If you have decided to invest in yourself and in your life, you have made the right choice. I always say to people, ‘whatever you want to do in life JUST DO IT.’ If you are reading this page then there is something in your life that you really want to do or to become. There is a fire inside you simmering as you aspire to achieve a goal. Beyond Your Boundaries can help you achieve this by helping you to see the vision of your achievements, thereby inspiring you to take that important step to making it REAL. With Life Coaching, I will support you every step of the way. I will help you set achievable goals. I will hold you to account whereby you will be motivated to continually work at achieving your desired outcome. The benefit for you is that by doing what you Love, you will see in yourself the raised self esteem, the high level of confidence, awareness and control of your life, as you see before your eyes something you never thought possible; achieving your goal. Being just where you want to be in life. Doing what you have always wanted to do. Doing what you Love. Watch that smile on your face as you say to yourself, “I DID IT.” Maybe you aspire to start your own business; you want reward, fulfilment or you want to be in control and indeed take control of your life and your achievements. That’s a powerful feeling. Or maybe you want a Career change, doing that job that you REALLY want to do. Something you Love. Just read my testimonials. Beyond Your Boundaries is committed to giving you back your Personal Power. And doing what you Love, gives you your Personal Power. The only obstacle in your way is YOU. Let my Life Coaching service take you BEYOND YOUR BOUNDARIES and put the control back into YOU. Success and fulfilment is yours for the receiving, so why not take your share now. Be bold, is that not why you are here? Regain your Personal Power. Take a look through this website, you can even click below to browse through the types of coaching sessions. Every aspiration is a seed waiting to grow. If you are still reading this website, then you aspire to grow. Do that thing you never thought possible to do. If there is something you want, don’t tell your friends, tell me your Coach. Give me a call on 0777 294 2348 or email me at [email protected] for more Coaching information or to make a booking(s). The first consultation is half price. Or, simply go to the Booking Form page and fill in your details. I am no longer producing a monthly Newsletter, but I will be blogging. So, keep up with Beyond Your Boundaries news on my What’s New blog page. I look forward to hearing from you. Dora Martin BEYOND YOUR BOUNDARIES Life Coach/NLP Master Practitioner

Keywords: career coaching

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The benefit for you is you can be who you want.  Do what you want.  Make your aspiration real.  Don't dream about it. Do it.