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Are you tired of running around after the kids for the past three weeks? Not sure if you can make it to the end of the school summer break? Maybe it’s time to escape! Maybe it’s time to break that Oath that you would keep your sanity for 6 weeks. Treat yourself if you haven’t done so already to my exciting fantasy fiction novel; Broken Oath. Forget about chasing after your kids and lose yourself in the magical world of the Lady of stature as she escapes from her gaoler; the Lord Supreme. Feel the excitement as she accepts her oath to become the Lady of Time and banishes the Lord to another dimension. Lose yourself for a moment as 3,000 years go by when the Lady of Time, confident that she will never meet the Lord again, breaks from her pledge, only to bump into him on a battlefield. Involve yourself in his emotions as he catches sight of her and is compelled to break his from his commitment in order to possess her again. Feel the nerve racking anxiety as the Universe conspire to make them chose between their personal desires or uphold their oath. Will the Lady of Time regain her freedom? Will the Lord possess his Lady once more? Give yourself a break and lose yourself in another dimension away from the kids. Travel into the world of the Lady of Time. If you can get through the journey in this book, you can make it through the rest of the school holidays.

Keywords: school holidays, broken oath, amazon,

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An Old Soul Who Is Always There – Broken Oath; Prologue Book Review and Discussion (Part 4)

I remember as a child and even as a young person, I would see certain people or characters (as I would now call them) who always seemed to be in my life, but never taking part in it.


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