Guangzhou Impression—Feng Shaoxie Oil Painting Exhibition

Guangzhou Impression—Feng Shaoxie Oil Painting Exhibition from Bestvenues

By: Bestvenues  20/10/2009
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Impression—Feng Shaoxie Oil Painting Exhibition Kicks Off in


The 16 Asian Games opens in Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) on Nov 12, 2010, another major sports event in China on the heels of the Beijing Olympics which has brought the capital and the country closer to the world. This time, the 2010 Asian Games will put Guangzhou under the spotlight.

The oil painting exhibition of Feng Shaoxie: Guangzhou Impression — Canton’s Splendor over 200 years opens at , Royal Opera Arcade Pall Mall in London on Nov 12, 2009, a day of great significance as it marks the one year count-down to the Guangzhou Asian Games. The exhibition, which will close on Nov 18, is co-organized by Guangzhou Daily, the most successful newspaper in China, China International Culture Association, Guangzhou Association of Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries and Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, with generous support from the British Library, British Council and Getty images.


About 30 pieces of Feng's artworks will be exhibited. The famed artist is a representative of Chinese critical realistic oil painters, with two solo shows held in National Museum of China in 2003 and 2006 respectively, namely the Observation of China’s Cultural Market and the Dove of the Middle East. This year, by depicting various sceneries of from 1795 to 2010, Feng presents the city’s profound changes in more than 200 years; some of his works are associated with historical events. His lifelike paintings will unfold the city’s past and future, its custom, architecture and culture.

Keywords: art