How to become a self employ hair extension technician by Diane Shawe

How to become a self employ hair extension technician by Diane Shawe from AVPT Short Courses

By: AVPT Short Courses   09/12/2015
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If you are currently working and are considering going it alone as a hair extension technician, working on a mobile basis can be a fantastic way to go about it. No matter how bad the economy gets, people will always need haircuts and, given the lower overheads involved in visiting people at home, mobile hair extension technicians can generally offer a more affordable service. Traveling to a location that suits your customers also gives you a far larger client base than you would have if you limited yourself to working from a single salon. Sounds good so far? Here’s how to get started. article by Diane Shawe What to do next if you have just qualified: the nuts and bolts A. Create a Business Name B. Identify the sector that you come under ( hair and beauty, Hairdressing, mobile business) C. Consider a Trading address other than your private address D. What services are you going to offer E. Website with contact details and prices ( try free websites for beauty/hairdressing) F. Open a Business bank account G. Proof of qualifications or experience H. Data Management registration I. Create a Facebook fan page J. Create a YouTube channel K. Cost and value of equipment What do insurance company’s cover? Insurance companies insure the following Businesses Public Liability Equipment Professional indemnity (need 5 years experience to qualify for this) They do not cover specific certificates, however they will want to know if you are qualified or experienced in your chosen field. But primarily they are going to cover a business and the services you provide. Ringing up an insurance company without a business name etc as specified above will not get you very far. How much insurance cover will you get? AUTOMATIC COVERS WITH MOST MOBILE HAIRDRESSING INSURANCES Public Liability – £3 million or £5 million Products Liability – £3 million or £5 million Treatment Risk – £3 million Financial Loss – £10,000 or £50,000 OPTIONAL COVERS Employers Liability Money Legal Expenses Personal Accident for hands Stock/Equipment Think about ways to make yourself even more attractive to potential clients: If you’ve specialised in styling hair, could you take a more advanced colourist course? Could mastering intricate hairstyles and up-dos open a whole new market of wedding and special event clients? There are also various other aspects of being self-employed to consider; it won’t only be about cutting, styling and colouring hair. You will need to learn about self-assessment tax returns, salon management and how to set your prices at a level which is affordable to your clients, attractive enough to have them switch from their current hairdresser and enough to cover your expenses and salary. Of course, there are some further education courses you could take to help make your self-employment dream a reality – a diploma or even a BA in Salon Management could be perfect. Browse the websites and prospectuses of local colleges and universities to see what you could get yourself enrolled in. From the beginning of your new venture We cannot emphasise enough how important organisation is to the self-employed, no matter what industry you are working in. As soon as you start working as a self-employed hairdresser, make sure to notify HMRC about your self-employed status. Keep an accurate record of every penny that comes in or goes out of your business; you’ll need it when it comes to completing your self-assessment at the end of the tax year, and also when reviewing your finances to make sure your prices and wages are set at an appropriate level. Don’t forget to record your mileage! This freelancer take-home pay calculator may also come in handy. Always, ALWAYS, remember to keep back-ups of all of your records (including your appointments and client details). Don’t rely on any one type of recording – paper can get damaged and computer files or devices can be wiped or destroyed. read more

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