Step Into Meditation – The Foundation Course. By Linda Hall

Step Into Meditation – The Foundation Course. By Linda Hall from Audio Meditation

By: Audio Meditation  19/08/2011
Keywords: Relaxation Techniques, Guided Meditation, meditation courses

A complete audio meditation course teaching how to meditate in eight easy steps.  Includes fourteen meditations.  Step Into Meditation has a non-religious contemporary approach, the language is down-to-earth and the exercises easy to follow.

The course presents meditation as a natural set of essential life skills. It takes a fresh look at meditation, brings it out of the traditional doctrine based paradigm and into the field of body/mind awareness and psychology.  It powerfully demonstrates how it is an invaluable self-help, self-development tool.

This course is more than learning about it, it will teach invaluable daily life skills.

3hrs 20 min. CD: £26.99 + p&p (Promotional offer: all CD purchases include a free DVD ‘Meditations for Everyday Life’ ) MP3: £19.99

“This is gold dust! The course is soundly constructed, straightforward and gloriously unpretentious, presenting a simple way to engage with the profound aspects of life without stepping into religious concepts.  The language is really clear and accessible.  It’s so simple and wise it could be used widely in schools.”  Heather Peace, writer and editor

Linda Hall, audio author, meditation teacher and psychology practitioner has eighteen years experience in the complementary health-care field and teaches meditation for stress management and personal development.

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