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Consultations and Programmes from Attitude to Food

By: Attitude to Food  21/11/2010
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There are two ways to do this.

One is to sign-up for a single, ‘fast track’ session.
Two is to work with me over a three or six month period…

One :: The Fast Track Option…

Rejuvenate and Revitalise your Health in 60 minutes…

How good could you feel if you had someone look at your entire diet and tell you straight-up where you’re missing opportunities to:

:: Ease/Eradicate a current health condition
:: Feel vital and energised
:: Boost your immune system
:: Manage your cravings instead of having them manage you
:: Achieve the weight you want to get to
:: Feel confident about eating the foods that suit your body
:: Boost your mood
:: Reduce stress and anxiety

…all in 60 minutes? Yes that’s right, book a single session and you’ll get:

An Audit of your Current Diet + Action Plan + Toolkit + 7 Days Post-Session Email Support

Benefits to You:

:: Confidence about foods that are right for you
:: Change your Attitude to Food forever
:: Delicious food; focusing on what you can add in, not what to deny
:: Choice, flexibility and liberation about foods you eat
:: A diet that’s made for you
:: No hunger
:: No cravings

In person and telephone sessions available. Book your session today – you’ll be glad you did!

Book a Fast Track Session for £65.

Rave Review

‘I’d been struggling with digestive issues for years and I’m so glad that I signed-up for this session. I came away with an action plan that really worked. Sarah really empowered me to make the changes I needed to. It was easy too.’ Claire, Office Manager. Norwich

Two :: The Health and Wellbeing Programme…

It can often be so much better to tackle it over a three to six month time period. That way, you’re sure to get all the support you need and nail health concerns once and for all…

How this works:

:: Two consultations per month
:: Dietary adjustments to help you look and feel your best
:: Ongoing motivational and email support between sessions
:: Monthly magazine subscription
:: Recipes and specific food therapies to alleviate conditions
:: Health food store tour
:: Kitchen audit (optional)
:: Lifestyle adjustments for a lifetime of wellness
:: Sample food and self-care products

It depends on the health objective your tackling. The good thing is that although programmes are structured, every one of them is different because they’re focused around you. You’re never given generic lists of foods that you should or shouldn’t eat. In a nutshell, there’s no one-size fits all advice in sight.

Programme fees vary but to give you an idea, a six month programme comes in at under £50 per session, so please get in touch to discuss in more detail.

If you would like to discuss options in more detail, do email me or call 07970 770 771.

Success Stories…

‘I decided initially to see Sarah to overhaul my diet but I found that her holistic approach meant I was able to tackle many different areas of my life where I felt stuck including diet, exercise and career. Sarah is very approachable and caring, and also very knowledgeable about nutrition. On every visit I learnt something new and I have also been able to email her outside of my visits for extra support. The six month programme means that I am able to sustain a real and lasting programme of change.’ Janet, Professional Mum. London

‘I wanted to improve digestion and have clearer skin and I’ve achieved that and so much more. My energy has sky-rocketed, I no longer need the 3pm sugar fix and my weight has reached a natural balance. Powerful stuff.’ Richard, Producer. London

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