Shea Butter

By:  07/09/2009
Keywords: chocolate, cocoa butter, shea butter

Shea Butter is our foundation. Our high quality, unrefined Shea Butter is produced without any chemicals or colorants:   - Vitellaria Paradoxa variety of Shea Butter; native to the West African region - Colour - ivory/cream - Odour - nutty aroma charecteristic of unrefined shea butter produced from shea nuts - Texture - smooth - Low free fatty acid (FFA) content - Quality - our products are regularly analysed and certified by independent quality assessors - Pricing - our pricing is highly competitive.

With our experience and network in the region, we also accept enquiries for the following products from West Africa: - Cocoa Powder - Cocoa Butter - Cocoa Cake - Cocoa Liquor - Tropical Fruit Juices - Cashew Nuts - Dried Tropical Fruits

Keywords: CASHEW, chocolate, cocoa butter, Cocoa Liquor, cocoa powder, shea butter,