Lyrics for We Are The Brits

Lyrics for We Are The Brits from Anton Lorien

By: Anton Lorien  05/07/2011
Keywords: armed forces, music recording, songwriter

1st  Verse
A thousand years in just one place
We kept it strong, we kept it safe
This rough and tumble island race
Surrounded by the sea
Spanish Armada, Nazi bombs
We stood together, proud and strong
We kept these islands all along
Sovereign and…
Free as the ocean that surrounds us
We are who we have always been  

We are the Brits
You better get used to it                        
We’re the Brits
Don’t try to give us any…
We are the Brits
One percent of the human race
We’re the Brits
And we are in your face  

2nd  Verse
We gave the world penicillin
Phone and fax and television
Electric light, commercial jets
A global language, the internet
Cricket, tennis, golf, football
Rugby,squash, Queensberry Rules
Shakespeare, Chaplin, photography
Parliamentary democracy  


Middle 8
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the…  

3rd  Verse
Britain sleeps safe at night
Young men stand ready to fight
Those who would do us harm
Freedom assured by force of arms
Soldier sailor RAF
We walk free, they stood the test
Toughness, courage. humour, soul
And our boys in Helmand – still on patrol  

While their families wait and wonder
But they don’t make a fuss of it  


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