Terrorist Threat

Terrorist Threat from Annie Hart Intelligence

By: Annie Hart Intelligence  21/11/2014

Hart Group has an established a firm repuation for the gathering of information on political and terrorist groups. We are specialists in this field and go the extra mile to ensure that our information gathering operations are conducted discreetly and with the highest standards of accuracy and attention to detail. Our range of services in this area include... Monitoring of groups. Investigating hotspots by our strategically placed assets and geopolitical experts around the world. We inform and up date on a 24 hour basis. We have a close relationship with Mara Solutions based in Cape Town.

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Cyber Security.

The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years with a record number of incidents and threats being reported. Attackers are rapidly becoming more sophisticated and threats are originating from all directions; external, syndicated crime, foreign intelligence agencies, activists and internal disgruntled staff. We monitor and respond to cyber threats by helping to protect networks, systems, applications, information and reputation in real-time. We pro-acti

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Business Threat

Large and small business alike, we take care of you and your needs sensitively and in confidence. We are here for you on a one to one basis with 24/7 availability for every little niggle. Nothing is too small or too large for our attention and assistance. We offer free initial advice to clients looking for our services so you can feel comfortable picking up the phone and call us. Our well looked after clients range from people involved in business with gas, oil, diamonds, yachts, te

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Bespoke Business Services

Oversee Europe, Middle East and Africa territories to identify, investigate, analyze and act against online and offline counterfeiters. Provide expert witness evidence at EMEA courts, when required, for the successful prosecution of counterfeiters. Proactively search the internet for and take action against websites, social media sites, or auction websites offering for sale counterfeit products. Conduct all forms of surveillance.


Bespoke Safety Checks For Women.

Background checks to investigate that ardent new lover. Is he coming on too strong? Has he a wife? What is his track record? Is your Lover faithful? How does he handle casual temptation from other women? Be aware of the risk and emotional injury stalkers can inflict. We can check him out. We also provide the following services... Psycological profiling on handwriting and emails – protect yourself and feel secure. Accompanying on dates and escorts from gracious and attractive

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Female Run Private and Corporate Investigators - to give you the upper hand. Free advice.