BAF EXTINGUISHING RETENTION BUNDS for electrical transformers

BAF EXTINGUISHING RETENTION BUNDS for electrical transformers from AKHELEC

By: AKHELEC  26/04/2011
Keywords: oil, Fire, fire protection

Safety equipment fitted on retention bunds or on concrete pits, complying with in-ternational requirements, which are becoming even more imperative concerning the fire safety of high and medium voltage electric installations ( C 13200, C17300/A1, IEC, CENELEC,…).
Technical specifications of our products:
 Fire-protection equipment which is able to at least match up to the performance of the current devices (example of pebble beds on gratings),
Designed to secure oil-immersed transformers installed in buildings (recommendation of insurance companies),
Allows quick outflow of the dielectric, without any overflow,
Quick and easy to use, without complex civil engineering,
No maintenance required,
Provides access to the transformer without any risk for the staff,
No depollution is required, as opposed to soiled pebbles,
Adaptable to any type of pit or transformer,
Able to drain rainwater continuously without any hydrocarbon leakage (FILTRELEC® system),
Cheaper than a complete system with an offset pit.

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