Dry Rot and Wet Rot London

By: ABS Preservation  05/12/2010
Keywords: dry rot, Damp Proof, Wet Rot


This is the most important cause of decay in timber after dry rot, it has the ability to cause extremely extensive damage, but needs plenty of damp to survive, although it can still thrive and spread in damp conditions even after a dry spell. Recognised by its white thread-like mycelia, wet rot attacks both coniferous and deciduous timbers and can be found out in the open as well as indoors.


Dry rot is the most feared scourge of timber and of all the things that are built with timber, as it creates the damp conditions in which it needs to survive and thrive for itself, enabling it to move from damp timber onto previously dry, sound adjacent timber. Dry rot can get through masonry, causing the wood that it attacks to just crumble away.

Keywords: Damp Proof, dry rot, Timber Decay, Wet Rot