3dMDface System

By: 3dmd  04/01/2009
Keywords: Healthcare, Dental Healthcare, cosmetic surgery

The 3dMDface System is the most widely used ultra-fast, high-precision 3D facial imaging device in healthcare capturing a 180-degree image of the patient’s face from ear-to-ear. A natural companion to CT and CBCT, 3dMD registers 1:1 to correct CT/CBCT surface artifacts caused by patient movement; compensate for soft tissue compression from stabilization aids; eliminate soft tissue draping (supine); supplement any missing anatomical data (i.e. nose); and capture the patient’s natural head position for treatment. • 180-degree face capture (ear-to-ear) • Capture Speed: ~1.5 milliseconds at highest resolution... ideal for children • two modular units of 6 medical-grade, machine vision cameras and an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a single capture • Range of color texture resolutions • Small footprint and wall-mount option •  Extremely reliable and easy to use •  Economical upgrade path  

Keywords: 3d photography, cosmetic surgery, Dental Healthcare, facial recognition, Healthcare, imaging device, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery,