3dMDcranial System

By: 3dmd  04/01/2009
Keywords: Healthcare, Plastic Surgery, 3d photography

3dMDcranial Systems are in daily use in institutions around the world accurately documenting the size and shape of the patient’s craniofacial complex and cranial geometry. With an ultra-fast capture speed many of the systems are focused on scanning babies (3 months-plus) for orthotic size and fit applications to assist with conditions such as positional plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis. • Full 360-degree head capture • Capture Speed: ~1.5 milliseconds at highest resolution... ideal for children • Four or five modular units of 12 or 15 machine vision cameras and an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a single capture • Reconfigurable to a 3dMDface System • Proven support for a range of custom orthotic manufacturing processes • http://www.3dmd.com/3dmdcranial.html

Keywords: 3d photography, Healthcare, Plastic Surgery