SHARE AND DISTRIBUTE your videos from your 3B PLATFORM account

By: 3B NEXUS  11/10/2010
Keywords: Video, financial advice, financial planning


SHARE AND DISTRIBUTE: share your videos with your colleagues, clients, investors, analysts, media and partners or distribute to accounts that match a specific sector, market or job function. Your live or on-demand shared videos will appear in the individual shared accounts from where they can be viewed privately or added to playlists or WebTV. Track users that accepted your videos and block unwanted users from receiving your video feeds when you perform a group distribution. Lock your video attributes for extra security to stop shared recipients from modifying the video properties. Publish your live broadcasts, on-demand videos, third party hosted webcasts, investor events and your corporate services on the 3B PORTAL for targeted marketing to your relevant business sector, media and financial audiences.  Withdraw your videos from publication, stop sharing or disconnect source to instantly disable all distributed copies.  

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