Live and on-demand video and webcast platform and portal for business and investor communications

Live and on-demand video and webcast platform and portal for business and investor communications from 3B NEXUS

By: 3B NEXUS  11/10/2010
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Live and on-demand video and webcast platform and portal for business and investor communications  with targeted marketing to sector investors, companies and industry experts in your region or worldwide.

3B PLATFORM: Secure Content Distribution Network (CDN) video hosting and live streaming platform. Free video encoding, robust hosting and fast streaming with no restriction on storage, video size or streaming capacity. Register to create a self-managed and fully supported account with a set of secure and easy to use online video and webcast production, management, distribution and publishing players and WebTV with performance analytics and reporting. Retain full copyright and information ownership, branding and control over cost, distribution and tracking. No requirement for additional software, hardware or specialists; we provide facilities for you to simply drag & drop, copy & paste or tick boxes.

3B PORTAL: bringing together investor, corporate, industry and market expert videos and webcasts One-stop, independent, business and investor video hub with compliance for professional and private investors. An effective and reliable source of business, investor and market commentary for viewers to see, hear, know.

TARGETED MARKETING: 3B NEXUS actively supports the promotion of your video and webcast communications to expand reach to sector institutional investors, IFAs, wealth managers, family offices, companies, media, industry and market specialists. You can email instructions to our marketing team, defining specific audiences for 3B NEXUS to target, e.g. a country or region, market segment or sector, job function, investor type, etc. Viewers also receive RSS feeds and email alerts on newly published videos filtered by their selected publisher’s primary activity, company name, or sector.  

BROADCAST LIVE: video and webcastson the 3B PORTAL, on your website, or embedded players or other sites to a private or public audience, anytime from your desktop webcam or camcorder camera with RTMP encoder. Deliver your live video or webcast presentations, events, announcements or analyst calls from your office. Schedule your live broadcast for pre-event promotion. Add password protection, pre-registration or pay-to-view. Attach document downloads to complement your video. Upload presentation slides and synchronise with your live video to create an interactive webcast. Publish on the 3B PORTAL to expand reach or embed the live video player on a private viewing web page or add to playlists on your websites. Record to archive during your live broadcast then convert to on-demand video for publishing immediately after the live stream. £15 is deducted from your account in every 10 minutes of live streaming plus £0.30 per live viewer. 

UPLOAD ON-DEMAND: .mov, .flv, .avi, .MPG/MPEG, .wmv, .vob and other video formats using our FTP bulk uploader, HTTP uploader for video files up to 100MB or Java uploader for larger gigabyte video files.  Add video scene tags or subtitles; password protection, viewer pre-registration or pay-to-view. Upload video transcripts, factsheets or presentation documents. Upload presentation slides and synchronise with your video to create interactive webcasts. We provide free Flash FLV video encoding and hosting for all your videos with no restriction on file size, hosting or streaming capacity. £300 per 1,000 viewings or set your own limit at £0.30 (1 credit) deducted per viewing from your pre-paid account. 

RECEIVE THIRD-PARTY FEEDS: receive live and on-demand video feeds from colleagues, clients, partners, investors, specific users, a sector or accounts that match a specific criteria. The videos will appear in the 'Incoming Video Feeds' area of your account from where you can preview, accept, reject or publish to your private or public website as a single video or added to your playlists or WebTV. Block unwanted users from ever sharing their videos with your account. It’s free for your account to receive and stream 3B PLATFORM hosted live and on-demand video feeds from other publishers.

Use the 3B PLAYER to source and stream live shows, news and events on your website from third-party RTMP hosted platforms. Copyright policy applies on all third-party content. You must receive direct feeds or have permission to stream third-party content.£0.15 is deducted in every 10 mins of live streaming, thus, £0.90 per hour with unlimited freeviewers. 

SHARE AND DISTRIBUTE: share your videos with your colleagues, clients, investors, analysts, media and partners or distribute to accounts that match a specific sector, market or job function. Your live or on-demand shared videos will appear in the individual shared accounts from where they can be viewed privately or added to playlists or WebTV. Track users that accepted your videos and block unwanted users from receiving your video feeds when you perform a group distribution. Lock your video attributes for extra security to stop shared recipients from modifying the video properties. Publish your live broadcasts, on-demand videos, third party hosted webcasts, investor events and your corporate services on the 3B PORTAL for targeted marketing to your relevant business sector, media and financial audiences.  Withdraw your videos from publication, stop sharing or disconnect source to instantly disable all distributed copies.  

INTEGRATE:high-quality HD live and on-demand videos, webcasts and third party feeds on your websites. Customise and brand the 3B PLAYER to embed videos and slide presentations in playlists or WebTV or as a pop-out, html link, inside a paragraph as part of a product description, press release or news article. Design your own playlist or WebTV or choose from a variety of ready-made player templates; customise the players with colours and graphics to suit your brand or website theme. We also offer bespoke design services for your single playlist or WebTV with unlimited edits until you approve the final model for your website. Add password protection, pay-to-view or viewer pre-registration to your videos.

TRACK & MEASURE PERFORMANCE:with video performance charts and data in real-time, daily, monthly or yearly traffic and viewer analytics and reporting. Download reports in CSV or Excel files for each video or an aggregate overview of all videos on your account. Download full viewer contact information from pre-registered live broadcasts and on-demand subscribers. Monitor credit usage and performance for each video or webcast.


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