Zentrum 8 vials 10ml 2.143 L-Arginine Aspartate

Zentrum 8 vials 10ml 2.143 L-Arginine Aspartate from 2m Ph. Intl. Ltd

By: 2m Ph. Intl. Ltd  22/07/2016
Keywords: Fertility, NUTRITIONAL THERAPY, Sexual Health

Zentrum vials are produced with the greatest bioavailable (that can be assimilated by the body) concentration of arginine aspartate on the market: 2.14 g. The arginine contained in the Zentrum formulation is salificated with aspartate. The salification strengthens the action of the arginine, making the body absorb it almost entirely (around 80-85%) Indications: One of the best results that can be obtained by taking Zentrum Aspartate is increased sexual performance, both of erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. The product is also a perfect supplement for treating heart diseases, hemicrania, peripheral artery disease, hypertension and for smoking. It is also an effective aid for improving sports activity. Pharmacokinetic properties: Zentrum, administered orally, is rapidly absorbed in the gut. The maximum plasma concentration is obtained 4 hours after oral administration. Active substance: Arginine Aspartate 2.14 g Dosage: Erectile dysfunction: 2 vials a day Reduced sperm motility and low sperm count: 2 vials a day Prevention of pre-eclampsia: 2 vials a day Hyposomia: 1-2 vials a day Tiredness, asthenia: 1 vial a day Shelf life 36 months in unopened packaging, stored correctly. Storage The product may be stored under normal conditions at room temperature, humidity and light Do not discard in the environment after use. Warnings Supplements should not be regarded as a replacement of a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children below 3 years. Zentrum is a Gluten Free product.

Keywords: family planning, Fertility, Health and sex, NUTRITIONAL THERAPY, Sexual Health,

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